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Heartbeat has positively contributed to helping Time Inc. UK navigate our way through major change. I would encourage every CEO going through change to place a premium on regularly listening and understanding how their people feel not just what they think - something Heartbeat easily enables. – Marcus Rich, Chief Executive Officer, Time Inc. UK

Case Study


Time Inc. UK were undergoing major change, transforming the organisation from print to digital media. As part of the transformation, agile working was introduced which included moving offices for the majority of employees.

Heartbeat was introduced to track engagement throughout the change, understand how people felt at different stages and capture feedback on how the change could be made easier for employees.


Feedback highlighted that managers were ineffective in communicating the change, causing a high level of uncertainty and anxiety. As a result, we ran a "leading people through change" programme for managers, equipping them to lead their teams during change and upskill them in their communication.

Many employees felt there was a lack of clear direction for the company and did not recognise how they contribute to the overall strategy. We worked with their Exec team to develop a strategic narrative, and then trained managers to explore this with their teams and what it meant for them.

The end result was that managers spent more time communicating in person with their teams, which enhanced the overall understanding of the change and enabled people to talk about their concerns.