Shaping Culture

Helping build highly engaged and energised teams of people pulling in the same direction

Insight workshops

Organisations must ask the ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ questions, understand them and address them. We help them do this by running structured insight groups which identify why they think the way they do, its impact and what to do about it

Cultural Insight

It is often hard for people within an organisation to have a clear view of its culture. We bring an objective perspective and a structured approach to highlight how the organisation works and help embed a culture which will drive the business strategy


This is the most effective & enjoyable performance coaching programme we’ve undertaken, it was well worth the investment & has had an immediate impact on our Line Managers’ capability. – Karen Biggs, CEO, Phoenix Futures

Case Study

ASOS used Heartbeat to identify, evaluate and select a set of corporate values that reflected their culture

What We Did

  • Identified the values – with a senior values team, we agreed the key values and how to express them
  • Communicated and stress-tested the values – we shaped and implemented a creative plan to engage people in the values at every level
  • Embedded the values – we helped align the values with all aspects of the employee experience – recruitment, training, assessment and growth
  • Sustained the values – we planned to ensure the values were kept in people’s minds and had an impact


  • Structured approach giving a common sense of purpose
  • Agreed set of values, clearly and creatively expressed
  • Wide involvement ensured people 'get' the values and understood how they can bring them to life