Inspiring Communications

Helping leaders to engage and align their team through better communication

Talking Points

Conversations between managers and teams are crucial to build understanding and engagement. Managers are busy and often need help to do this well. Talking Points is a tool which enables line managers to have ongoing and purposeful discussions and create local ownership to achieve business goals. The tool also helps ensure that messages delivered across the organisation are consistent

Strategies and campaigns

People are constantly bombarded by messages from everywhere. To get through, communications must be focused, clearly targeted, co-ordinated and delivered in the right way. We have a wealth of experience working with organisations and teams to develop and deliver communication strategies which achieve the necessary shifts in attitudes and behaviour


We needed to make a powerful statement that ensured everyone in the business understood our strategy and their role in delivering it. Heartbeat helped us engage 6,200 employees using a combination of face-to-face workshops and online seminars. We saw understanding of the strategy across the company move from 50% to 95% in three months. – Ian Evans, Communications Business Partner and Editor-in-Chief of Inside Elsevier

Case Study

We enabled Elsevier to refresh its strategy and bring it to life by identifying and sharing impactful success stories

What We Did

  • Developed a step-by-step guide for senior leaders to engage their people in identifying, telling and sharing stories about the strategy and its impact on customers
  • Designed and facilitated an engaging senior leaders’ event to equip them to run local sessions with their teams using the guide


  • People saw tangible evidence of the difference their work makes
  • Stories heightened pride in the organisation
  • Brought the strategy to life in an engaging way – far more captivating and emotional than a corporate statement
  • On-going submissions of stories keeps the strategy 'alive' and reinforces successes and reasons to believe